Thursday’s Big List of Domains At Auction and Dropping Around the Internet 1/4/12

Jan 05 2012

Anyone have one of those nights? Something goes wrong with your server and it gets totally screwed up.  It ran late last night and didn’t have time to fix it. Enjoy the new layout for today until it gets fixed.  And I haven’t even given Tia the new concept yet.  I gues it’s all downhill from here.  And don’t worry my advertisers, I’ll make up for the down time.  Now onto the names 1994 Domain. The age along makes it worth $100 plus. AND it’s not a bad name. How ironic that I talk about this and then a domain like this comes up for auction the next day. This would make a perfect name for the oil change number site 285 bidders is as many as I’ve seen on a domain in the month. Could hit $10K Best of the numerous 4 letter dot coms today. Of course ,in my opinion. Maybe this one is pretty good too I think everyone is looking for this. Or at least a few years worth. Another nice 3 letter domain Russian for space guy When I think of organic yogurt I think of girls with nose rings. I don’t know why, just do. If someone can beat TireRack I’d be impressed. A lot of people like this domain. I’m so so on it. Dumb people won’t be able to spell it. Some use the radio test, I use the dumb test. I won’t tell you who I use to test on. My wife will probably outbid you on this one. Talk about a headline name. If this goes for under $5K its a bargain. $1600 of green will get you this site. Actually it’s going to take more green than that I just like it Several places with this name. I imagine it gets decent type in.

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  1. lennard

    Is your wife a HR professional? I have and willing to let it go at a fair price. let me know if you (or your wife) are interested.

  2. Trico

    “Some use the radio test, I use the dumb test. I won’t tell you who I use to test on.”


    Thanks for not identifying me.


  3. Clobert Rine

    I like the other site design much better. This is a little hard to read and kinda’ loud with the black background. 🙂

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