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Thursday’s Big List of Domains at Auction and Dropping Around the Net 12/15

Last week I was excited that the blog hit 30K uniques and after half the month it looks like we could blow past 40,000. Maybe even 50,000.   A couple links from Kid Rock and Kanye West didn’t hurt. Whenever I need help I can always turn to my buddies Bob and Kanye.  Now here are today’s names, there are a ton of .co names on Sedo today as well.  They’ll be a couple of my favorites in the list below. Great letters.  Four letters starting with T always do fine because it can stand for “The” Not as strong as the above but a nice addition to the collection Great name for a traffic reseller. Good in English and Spanish.  Can’t imagine it stays under $200 A good dictionary word and it already has 81 bidders.  One of those names I’d like to own but don’t feel comfortable with selling it or monetizing it once I owned it. No bidders, 9 year old domain.  You can sell a lot of things with this name but you better sell everything they need. As I’ve stated before, I like to think of .co as “company”.   Equipment company is a nice fit. With no reserve, even if you don’t believe completely in the tld it’s worth a shot at this price. 13 years old for $12.  Less than $1 a year A little bit more but now you have an outlet to sell your rocket launchers. Not yet but I’m working on it.   I think I will get this to add to my domain I don’t think the V kills the value. There are good domains,  some great domains, and then there are fancy domains

Domain Spotlight:

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  1. I think the domain is only a brand play.

    There only seems to be one “rocket launcher” product easily found on the Net, for about $15.

    Dud domain, except for the brand.

    1. Clobert,

      Ha! Did you really think I thought you could sell rocket launchers? It’s an awesome brand that was just a joke. Good thing you’re one my favorite readers or I’d have to make fun of you


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