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Imma Let You Finish But Fuller Moehagen Has a Great Story About Selling His Domain To Kanye West

Fuller Moehagen is not a full time domain investor.  He merely plays around with them but he has a story that I thought was pretty good.  He recently sold Kanye West for $12,000.  I’m not sure which would be more fun, getting the money or getting to negotiate with Kanye West on a price.  I was going to tell the story but I think Fuller tells it so well I’ll just let him put it in his own words.

Back in August of 2010, Kanye West posted this tweet:!/kanyewest/status/22302385486

I’m a huge fan, so I was following him while dabbling in domain purchasing here and there. I thought…”wow, Jay-Z and Kanye, arguably two of the biggest rappers…actually, music artists, in the world…this album is going to be huge.” Immediately after reading the tweet I went to thinking they might have posted a preview track or teaser video of some kind. Nope. Blank page. I was sort of shocked. So I went ahead and purchased it myself. Months went by and I nearly forgot that I owned the domain. I wasn’t trying to sell it at that point. Like I said, I was an amateur!

To be fair, nobody really knew if the album was actually going to come out. It wasn’t actually confirmed anywhere at this point. The release date would be announced and pushed back several times over. Then a video was released of Kanye and Jay-Z together at a party. With the single from the album, entitled “H.A.M.” blaring in the background, Kanye announces on the microphone that the record is complete. That same day I started getting emails from people asking me for the domain…which I had forwarding to my then clothing brand’s web site, called Early Grave. One guy even claimed he was starting a furniture company, specializing in thrones. Knowing he was full of it, I replied asking him for $100,000. Needless to say, he didn’t respond.

However, one message that did get through to me was from Don Crawley, Jr. The name sounded familiar. After a quick Google search, I found that it was Kanye’s best friend and manager. I explained the situation to Don, letting him know that I WANTED to sell to him and would ignore the other offers based on my own moral/business principles.

After initially asking for $15,000, Don said the best they could do was $12,000. We went back and forth on the phone ironing out the detail. In fact, at one point he was with Kanye in Abu-Dhabi and talking on the phone with me. It was pretty hilarious. For an amateur like myself, this was not too shabby. PLUS, this was a situation where Jay-Z or Kanye could have simply used “” or whatever. They didn’t really need this web site. In fact, for the first few months of having it they simply forwarded to Facebook. That being said, I didn’t want to get too greedy on my $7 investment.

The transaction came through in January 2011 through I went ahead and attached a screenshot if you’d like to use it.

In terms of what I did with the money, sure I can tell you. First off, I gave $2,000 to my mother. The rest of it went into student loans, other various debts and some much needed maintenance/upgrades to my vehicle. One of my best friends got married soon after this all happened, so I spent a nice chunk of change on accommodations for a bachelor party weekend. Also, I’m originally from Wisconsin (I moved to Florida two years ago) – so I bought myself a plane ticket to fly up for the Super Bowl and completely surprised my family. It was great. All and all, I had some fun with the money and made good use of it.

I’m still buying domain names these days I am looking to sell and as we speak, but I can’t say I’ve received anything as large as the Kanye deal. It definitely makes for a good story though…to those who believe me, at least!

Some may argue that he took advantage of Kanye’s lack of knowledge about getting a domain before talking about it,  but I’m not sure that 99% of the people reading this story wouldn’t have done the same thing.  Of course Kanye’s not one to hold to many things close to the chest either.  For all we know his people said keep quiet for a few days while we get some legal done and get the domain,  and he couldn’t hold back.  Regardless, Kanye got what he needed for the price of a hotel room in Dubai and Fuller got to go the Superbowl and see his family.  Sounds like a good story to me.  For those “pictures or it didnt happen” here’s a screenshot of the escrow.  Kanye’s rep’s name blacked out for privacy reasons.

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14 Replies to “Imma Let You Finish But Fuller Moehagen Has a Great Story About Selling His Domain To Kanye West”

  1. some may argue that the dutch took advantage of the indians when they bought manhatten for $24 worth of beads and trinkets. let the buyer beware… let the seller beware… let the buyer be the buyer of the sellers wares.

  2. I would have asked a ridiculous price – Kanye always brags about how much money he’s worth – you should have given him a “kanye” asking price.

  3. Interesting
    Personally, i wouldn’t of registered it.
    The idea was generated from that tweet.
    Ended well, but it could’ve gone the other way and you would have been writing a different story

  4. Considering the album generated millions of dollars in sales and both Jayz and Kanye West are currently on the worldwide Watch The Throne tour $12,000 was a steal. Regardless of the ethics behind it the domainer who registered the name realized the potential firsthand and ended up selling it to the person who could best utilize it.

    Domainer – $12,000
    Kanye West & Jayz – $1,000,000+

    1. Acro,

      Makes too much sense. Register all your social media names before you talk to the media? No wonder the social media guys in LA are making bank

  5. Great comments, everyone! My 20/20 hindsight definitely tells me that I could have asked more. The estimated value of is currently over $100,000. As I said though, this wasn’t like your typical business domain scenario. I doubt boosted their record sales, so I was happy with the return! Plus, it was the first real domain I ever attempted to flip. 🙂 Thanks again to Shane!

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