Thursday’s Big List of Domains at Auction and Dropping On the Net

Dec 01 2011

There is a HUGE list of two letter dot biz up for auction today.  For the most part I am not a dot biz buyer but these are pretty nice and worth a look.,,, and many more. 72 bidders.   I’m not a huge fan of the name but that’s because I hate scanners.  There’s that whole waiting for the warm up thing, not to mention all the bright lights and centering.  Just don’t like it. I’m not sure why but when I think of dolls I think of Marie Osmond.  Then again I almost always am thinking of Marie Osmond.  I guess I’m a little bit Rock n Roll. Used to be the slogan of North Carolina and on all their license plates and may still be. No bidders Great for left of the dot.  24.Karat.Gold etc 1995 Birthday Surprised there are no bidders 1999 Birthday Sounds nice.  I planned on going on one but then my wife found out about it. Kind of means “fresh breeze” in Japanese and is one of those names that a start-up uses.  Also a place in Syria but I think the start-up angle sounds safer.  1999 Birthday I think it’s a fear of hydrogen…………save the emails I know it’s not hydrogen it’s the fear Hydroxycut I may come across as a bit racist here but I like the name because I’m pretty sure there aren’t very many people of color in China and therefore it makes the name ironic and cool. Don’t touch it.  Realtor is trademarked and they will kill you if you buy it. Nice name for $69 Your new fashion line has been named

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