Thursday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around The Internet 4-25-12

Apr 26 2012

A ton of great names on the board today. Even I get in the action today with a few names at auction.  Sedo has an auction ending today but since its not my job to advertise their auctions I’ll let you decide which names are any good (many aren’t, a few are).  I listed the obvious choices below.  You could spend a few hundred thousand today If you wanted to.  Then again, I guess you could overpay on any given day and spend a few hundred K if you wanted.  Here are today’s names.  Been a lot of talk about this one and it’s well deserved talk  Obviously would be better but with no bidders and a descriptive “most”, this thing is a great deal Probably the least value of the names listed today but it has great age, easy to remember words, and could be a product. All for under $20. WAS under $20 at press time  The dot me names are doing quite well and I thought this one had some value at under $250.   The great LLLL.coms keep coming this week  The best 4L on today’s board  Buy this one and complete the trio  PC is a dying term but still works at this price  Certainly a term someone will remember and very fitting for a few of the commenters around here. I think the name would be better suited for students doing research and opposed to research on students.  My domain and I would like you to WAAAAAAY over pay for the name. It is quite a nice domain and has some age 1999.  Don’t think of it as charity but rather an investment in me.  Again, mine.   Ends in 8 and if you buy it you will have eternal good luck. and  I’ll stop putting up my names. These are the last two.  I don’t want to hide that they are mine because I think the fact that I used to own them should increase the value.  Kind of like when Tattoo from Fantasy Island sold his Mazda Miata and it went for $1800 instead of the normal $1600.  All because it was his.  What can you say. So many uses and a great name  I love this one.  If you guys would buy for $15K the maybe I’ll buy this

And finally what could be the most offensive name I’ve ever listed. I guess all names go up regardless of who they offend. I DID put up and it hit home pretty hard.

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  1. Puranjay sounds like a winner. These verb based .me names that can be appended to the .me extension to make sensible brand names are hot right now. I can definitely see a price in excess of $250 for this.

    I like a lot on this list as well.

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