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Friday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around The Internet 4-26-12

If you see me today you’ll see me sitting down or in a golf cart all day. I’ll be running a marathon tomorrow and it is setting up to be the best chance for a good time I’ve ever had. Cool weather, in my hometown and didn’t have a lot of semis to unload this week at the nursery. I’ll going to try and break my PR which is 3:16. But enough about me, let’s talk domains. You don’t see a lot of domains at Godaddy that get 112,000 visits but this one is getting it and fetching a solid price. Even I was tempted to buy it based on the hosting leads it could give. 1996 Birthday for this  Jay-Z may want this or even Redman.  Funny thing is this domain was registered WAY before they named their labels and songs.  Only one bidder so this could be a steal considering its 12 years old  $164 million dollar sale and yet his name comes up for auction.  Maybe his name wasn’t Yun Ye.  Don’t know the story.  Look it up. One of domaining’s greatest stories ever. You get TWO Carolinas with this one  I don’t know if this is a real noun but great name for event planners  Mildew and mold removal is big business  I know its weird but this is my favorite of today’s list.  No wait, I would like UNtangle.  Still good  With the interest in Pinterest, I think this name has value.  Oops.  Didn’t look at price.  Not saying its not fair.  Just not a great deal. 1997 Birthday   I know.  I should buy it but I like to run more than write about it.  I hate writing newbie stuff.  Ends in two days but put it on today’s list in case I don’t get to a Saturday list.  Ends if four but will still do well  Love the double seven, hate getting names transferred from ename  And one more


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  1. Shane,

    I totally agree that Jayz would probably want … but then again, I am surprised that a lot of celebrities names have been dropping lately (I was just scanning the list and Kenyon Martin’s name just jumped out at me:, which already have a backorder on it; let’s hope that it is Kenyon doing the backorder, and not someone else).

  2. Shane – I think “eventers” refers not to party planning, but to horse riders who pursue an activity called “eventing”. Still a nice domain.

    P.S. Hope your marathon went well. I’ve done 4 halfs, 1 full but got hurt & had to walk much of the way. Hope to run an entire marathon someday.

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