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Thursday’s Daily Domain Drop and Auction Picks

As not to confuse, these picks are opinions and not to be taken as definite money makers.  If you do buy them you may lose money.  Of course you may be able to sell them at a healthy profit.  The words below may be in jest and merely meant to entertain.  In no way should you assume I am an expert in domain investing.  In fact I have made only $16.40 flipping domains this year and I spent that money on a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts and some of that air in a bottle to clean my keyboard.  In fact, said they wanted to sponsor my racing team but then I remember that he sponsors this post and doesn’t pay me a dime.  It seems that friendship doesn’t do that great of a job paying the bills. If there are any solid domains in the list below it is pure luck and may have actually been added by my 11 year old daughter so read at your own risk. It’s cool because it has a z. Also a 1995 registration It’s really not worth anything but this is the phonetic spelling of a Nigerian guy saying “numbers” I really like this name.  It’s at $8K but I think it goes for more. Good for a credit card company or high risk auto insurance. Hot Jelly site just waiting to be made but you can use this for many other things. 2000 registration. I’m itching just thinking about this one but certainly a good product domain Great three letter dot net. A lot of adult films use this term and I think it stands for pretty old vagina. You may ask why I don’t buy this.  I don’t sell furniture any more.  About three years ago it stopped selling for some reason.  Ironically I just spent $5K on new patio furniture this past week. Bath and bed domains sell for good money.  Anyone notice that the old towels always soak up the most water but smell and the soft new towels smell and feel nice but just move the water around? I said I didn’t do well with garden furniture but I still sell the hell out of benches I love sticky rice.  I would buy a steamer but then I would probably eat it in burritos and then I would need a tortilla steamer and if I did that I would need a smoker for the chicken and for that much money I can just drive to Chipotle. Despite the world moving to eBooks, there will always be a market for paperbacks. Maybe not always but for at least the next few months You see COD as cash on demand but I see delicious fish. I don’t read these blogs because there are all these newbies who think they are experts. I just hate it.  That was my best Adam Dicker imitation.

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  1. Thanks Shane,

    I was hoping a name I wanted today wouldn’t be on your list and it isn’t.


  2. *

    POV = Point of View (literary term)

    Leave it to a guy to make porn out of everything.



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