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Thursday’s Daily Domain Drop and Auction Picks,

Dramatic improvement in the quality of names.  Not saying these are going to change your life financially but certainly an improved lot.  Let’s take a look and there’s a great graph at the bottom. 1999 Birthday.  The owner of has done a pretty good job with it and ranks #1.  You can grab the #2 spot which is just fine in the Google world.  Being the second boyfriend after Shaquille O’Neil.  Not as good. This used to be owned by Colonel Lingus but looks like he’s selling. There was a rumor he was raising some money because he was tired of always being down south. Online degree sites are huge money.  What aren’t huge money are the jobs you get when your degree was bought online. I actually love the name but by posting this here it might drive it up so I won’t buy it.  We all have are ways of saving money.  Mine is to make it so expensive I won’t pull the trigger. And use reverse psychology. Obviously is better but still works.  It’s cooler than bid with only one d. You know how I like color plus animals. Remember ordering the fake Ids out of the back of Rolling Stone and then you’d get an ID with a cartoon character as the picture and under sex it said “yes” Sounds powerful doesn’t it? I know it doesn’t pass the radio test but it passes the wallet test at $75. Great name and pretty decent price.  I only know two birth options,  who ha or cut. Trademarked but pretty generic 5L dot com seems a bit overpriced for a three year old domain but excited to see the value it has to somebody

Domain Spotlight:

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  1. “ This used to be owned by Colonel Lingus…”

    Shane, actually it was owned by his wife Connie Lingus.

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