Thursday’s Daily Domain Drops and Auctions

Mar 03 2011

There have been bigger names in past lists but there are a couple good names in here with no bidders that I think you could quickly flip.  And that’s what it’s really about isn’t it?  Making money on your names and being able to turn them when you need to.  Take a look at today’s names. The last time I spent chatting with a bunch of domainers I went home sick.  Still a great name though You could start the Lefthanded Group of America with the slogan.  “We’re All Born Right Handed But Some Of Us Overcome It” Great numeric.  Will easily cross $1000 and maybe $2000 I’m still amazed that almost 3000 people search for this. Valuate at $4000 and the CPC is nice at over $4 The DDS is a the acronym for a dentist and the “W”  could stand for…I can’t really think of anything that starts with W.  1999 registration Not really a term I use.  I usually use “Ride a Horse” or “Horsey Ride” I heard these are coming back.  They’re not just for Ancient Egypt anymore You may laugh but there are 12,000 searches at $3 CPC for this and it’s not a bunch of guys looking to put on weight. I’m not a 3d buyer but much less searches than I expected.  I still think it’s a great buy at $79 A PR5 and a good dictionary word.  Lots of bidders on this one.

And if you need to find more names try

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