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Thursday’s Daily Domain Drops and Auctions is the big player today.  Already at $2600 and certain to go higher.  I have a big name (to me) I am hoping to acquire in the next week that could be done by the end of the week.  The negotiation is the hardest/most fun part but the game but the”let me get back to you” on both sides gets a little old.  Enjoy the names. One of the few domains to go over 200 bidders (not there yet).  A domain sellers perfect name. 4 letter dot com and pronounceable as well.  68 bidders like it already Funny, my grandmother used to say this all the time. Doubt she’s going to bid against you.  She just got a cellphone last year. 1999 domain I think this name is and will continue to be one of the more discussed topics with today’s immigration issues For some reason this name caught me as I glanced the list.  Just seems like the type of name that a new startup or site would buy for a few grand.  A gut pick 4n.coms totals are getting higher every day These are the kind of names that I don’t particularly like because I never search for “building materials” but rather “siding” or “doors” but plenty of bidders disagree with me. I think $1500 is a pretty fair price for this one.  I’ll buy it if it stays under $2000.

And the award for the worst product domain goes to

Domain Spotlight:

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  1. up to $2600 and 207 bidders. This is a name that I was suprised was allowed to drop. Out of my budget but you are right perfect for a domain seller.

  2. Funny…..I’m just now thinking of getting rid of my cell phone for good.

    Too much tech in our lives.

  3. Very interesting list.
    Definitely some useful domains.

    However, many of the domains are not dropping.
    They are being sold for domain owners.

    Don’t know if any will have a min. reserve price once it enters the next level of bidding.

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