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How to Disable Google’s Personalized Search and Why I Don’t Like It?

I can’t stand personalized search.  It should be called repetitive search.  Google thinks they are doing me a favor by monitoring my searches and location,  and then using that history to give me a more personalized search.  Basically, it takes me right back to the sites and stores I’ve already been to.  I know my local area.  I want to explore OUTSIDE what I know.  That’s why I am on Google.  Why in the world would I want to go to a site I read every day?  The reason I am using search is to find MORE,  not more of the same.  And to make it worse it’s like I have to relive High School all over again.

Why High School again?  Because Google has started to put so much value on tweets and facebook that now they even put suggested links from “in my circle” at the bottom of the first page. So now, the more popular you are,  the more likely you’ll pop up in the searches of your friends and followers.  Just like in High School, everyone is striving to be popular because being popular gets you more attention.  And again like in High School, if you have no friends you will be spending a lot of time by yourself because your personal blog will come up in every search result.

So how do you turn the personalized search off and get back to seeing all the wonderful junk Google normally puts out?  It’s simple.  Sign in to Google and perform a search,  any search. Go to the right hand corner and look for the gear.  Click on the gear and scroll down to web history. Click on clear entire web history.  That will clear out the history and keep it clear.

Now you can back to viewing all the handy work of the SEO masters.  Mass produced sites with wonderful headers and worthless content. Ahh back to my comfort zone.  Of course this won’t last long.  If you think Google isn’t going to use the “most blocked” list they gather from their toolbar you’re crazy.

There is WAY too much information on what people want or don’t want to see to let it go unused. They are never going to come out and say they are using it because they don’t want people to start hiring “Google Block Farmers” to go ahead and set up 1000 accounts and block their competitors.  Somehow I’m going to get a jump on this information and send it to my domain,  Of course, it took me 30 minutes to learn how to turn off personalized search so it may take me a while to hack the Google toolbar.

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