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Thursday’s Daily Domain Drops and Auctions

I’ve been trying to get a handle on how to buy domain names on but I have to admit I get a little scared when I deal with China.  I don’t really have an “in” to go to if I have trouble.  I don’t speak or read Chinese so I’m ripe for ripoff.  I DO love the numeric domains over there.  They often can go cheap but on the other side, they can go for big money.  I see a great opportunity to buy numbers they don’t like and sell them here and buy number they like here and sell them over there.  I’m getting a feel and starting small but with risk comes reward.  Now if I can figure out how to get money in my account.  Onto the names These are the kinds of domains that have been doing well.  3L dot net. I don’t touch ’em but plenty of people do. These are more popular than you think.  More and more people want to hide their tvs and put them in a dresser or chest and then use a lift inside to raise and lower them.  I was looking for one before I decided to just hang it on the wall. I don’t like this name but wanted to point out that this would be an absolutely awful fantasy sport, well maybe girls tennis would be OK

If you’re reading this early.  Here are some of the domain auctions ending at Presently at $3788  or 25,199 RMB (1 RMB equal 15 cents US) Right now it’s at $6314 At $2215

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  1. Important suggestion. Contact them !!!
    (dont remember if it was same site, but it was from china)
    I tried that too and added money in my account,
    but still was not able to bid. After contacting them they told me that i only can use it to register domains and not buy on market.

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