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Why I’m Investing in 4 Number Dot Coms

Over the past month I’ve decided to put $10,000 into four number dot Coms.  As a former trader I like commodities.  I like domains that have basic value that fluctuates with demand.  I couldn’t find much more of commodity that 4N.coms.  There are 10,000 of these things.  Some are more valuable than others based on a few things.

1. Asian cultures love the 8.  Anything with an 8 has a higher value

2. Repeating letters are worth more

3. Round number or are sold at much higher prices

4. In general, the Chinese don’t like numbers with a 4 in it.

I think Paxton over at Namepros has a good summary of the 4N.coms

Early research showed that number combinations beginning with the numeral 0 (e.g.,, were the least desired, followed by numbers that contained the numeral 4. Apparently, “4″ has negative meanings in various non-Western cultures. For example, in Ancient Hebrew and Chaldean philosophies, the number 4 is associated with mortality and death. Also, the Chinese people try to avoid the number 4 because it sounds the same as death in Cantonese. The numbers most in demand by domain owners were those with repeating numbers, those representing special historical dates, and those with numbers 3, 6, and 8. Again, this preference for certain numbers over others seems to be rooted in ancient numerology – where cultures believe that the universe is based on mathematical principles. As a result, numbers have great significance in people’s daily lives.

I’ve been following this domain set for the past year and it seems that 4Ns reached a high of an average of about $700 but over the last year has settled down to an average of about $500.  This is what I’m buying names for.  I am trying to buy as many domains as I can for under $500.  I am buying any domains that don’t start with 0 or with 4 (I did purchase one this week) .   In general, I don’t care if they have a four in them as I think the Chinese may avoid these, the rest of the world won’t.  All the domains I’ve purchased this week do have a four in them. These are the names I’ve purchased this week

In all honesty I didn’t even notice the names all had a 4 in them as I am merely building a portfolio and buying whatever I can get at the lowest price I can get, regardless of number. .  They’re like stock to me and merely an investment that I feel will grow.  Here are my reasons why I think they will be more valuable in a short amount of time

1. They’re dot coms.  All dot coms will be more valuable in time

2. They are limited.  Only 10,000 exist and they won’t make any more

3. They are universal.  The entire world doesn’t speak English but most use the number system

4. They’re all taken and have been for years, many will never be available for sale making the true amount ever for sale in the thousands

5. I think they are temporarily in a down market. A market that won’t last long so I need to take advantage

Although my post certainly doesn’t make someone want to sell their NNNN dot coms cheap, I’m looking for more names if you have any for sale and yes, I’ve seen all the domains in numericdomains but I’m looking for prices under $500 preferable in the $400 range.  I’d love to hear from any other 4Ndot com owners if they feel like chiming in.

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4 Replies to “Why I’m Investing in 4 Number Dot Coms”

  1. funny… i almost bought last month because i sold my last remaining
    4n to a guy in china. maybe i’ll get back on.

  2. “1. They’re dot coms. All dot coms will be more valuable in time”

    I actually disagree with this statement. I think we’ll get to a place in the next 5 years where domains will hold less value. You’ll have your brands and online outlets you go to, but I really feel the domain name will hold less value in 10 years. Maybe i’m out to lunch, but i’m just thinking about mobile.. and with mobile who wants to type in their fav websites.. it will just be apps and bookmarks, once that hits.. why the domain.. what’s so special about that. You will have your trusted network, your known network and everything will feed through that. Domains will still exist, but I really feel they wont have as much importance. I think domains will peak and prices will fall in 2013. Especially when search engines make the next switch to ‘trusted sources’ instead of traditional keywords and backlinks.

    interesting though..

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