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Thursday’s Daily Drop and Auction Picks

Yesterday I received a comment asking if I ever put any drops on the daily list.  I do but there are not nearly as many as the Namejet and Godaddy auctions.  Usually because there just aren’t as many good names dropping as there are up for auction.  Yesterday for example, I put up 3 names that were drops.  The other issue with drops is that you need to put your name is at least three different places to make sure you have a decent chance of getting in an auction for it.  Ideally you’d be the only one bidding for it but that doesn’t happen as much in today’s market.  So there you go.  Now let’s get to today’s list. I was going to buy this for our local school then I saw 200 bidders and realized there might be a few other things with this name. One of the few names that the word “the” could be in front of and it would still be OK. Great general name that is so useful and easy to spell. I will only go to the sugary foods section of your site Used to date a woman named Mable.  Hottest GILF in Urbana Anyone looking for a great value on a tank.  I think Fusible deals in these already if I remember correctly. One of those color + noun that I love.  Not sure if anyone else does City, tree, you pick what you want to do with this. Pretty timely name.  Unfortunately will be for another 5 years or so. No bids?  Man, poker sure has dropped in popularity.  Where am I going to go to get all my fake stories about everyone making so much money?  Oh yeah, domain blogs and forums It’s like that supersonic boom. Catchy.  1996 Birthday

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  1. GILF. Wow. I honestly never considered that acronym before.

    So it turns out that reading is indeed educational. Now I don’t have that guilty feeling for reading it every day.


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