Thursday’s Daily Dropping Domains

Jun 10 2010

I’m proud to announce I have a new sponsor for the daily drops. They are my favorite dropping domain analyzer and I use it daily so I am privileged to have them support this daily post.  On to the names Three letter dot net = commodity trading.  You know what they go for so you simply try to buy low, sell high I loved this book.   I thought Jesus is a much better character than Harry Potter.    Middle part was a bit rough. Certainly worth $10 Great 4L that reminds me of Chatn or Talkn When I’m on vacation I can never find a place to rent a turkey Another fine  Already has 40+ bidders. For those of you that don’t mind Trademarks or legal ramblings.  Zocor is a very popular drug and you may need it to prevent a heart attack when Merck sues you

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