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Thursday’s Daily Dropping Domains

They say if you can’t stand the heat stay out of the kitchen.  Well if that’s the case I need to get out of the US.  As a man that works outside for a living this has been a rough week.  90 plus each week and running 10 miles in the morning takes a lot of energy in this weather.  THEN I have to stay outside for the next 11 hours.  It’s tough on the body so you can see why I didn’t get a lot written yesterday. I was flat out tired.  I promise more today but in the meantime enjoy these names I’ve found. Nice dictionary term.  Valuate at 42,000 Great name with no bidders.  Pretty much sums up the Internet.  If I were starting a new blog this would be the name.  If someone else doesn’t take it I will A nice pronounceable 4L.  Sounds like “Argue” Would have loved to see this as a dot com but worth a little bit since its a 1995 domain Big name big price OK name but should go cheap and despite the fact nobody wears ties anymore they still seem to sell

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  1. Hi Shane,
    nice names you´ve found today but a name I like much more than those you have listed here is actually a 5 L domain name – it is – WOW – Congratulations, maybe you can tell me how much money you are asking for it? I am sure I haven´t that much but just for have an idea, thanks and enjoy the day 🙂

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