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Wednesday’s Daily Domain Dropping

I actually picked up a name yesterday.  MonticelloIllinois  dot com.    It’s another town close to mine and a very nice community.  The city site is on the dot net and dot org.  I paid $500 for it and may just give it to the town for publicity.  A front page article in the newspaper is worth more to my business than PPC.  As for the names, rough day to find them.  There may be a diamond in the haystack here but I can’t find it. There’s an app for that Nice 4L acronym.  All good letters and 13 years old Great name for a product or site Put up map and things to do.  Instant cash lots of these on Saturday and Sunday in the fall

If you didn’t see any you like perhaps will help you find better names

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2 Replies to “Wednesday’s Daily Domain Dropping”

  1. Hi Shane,
    I doubt if a small town with just a bit over 5000 inhabitants is worth to pay $ 500 for it unless you want to make a birthday present to the city major 🙂
    I am also catching cities but that small towns…it´s not worth in my honest opinion but as I am not based at the local business area within Illinois maybe I´m wrong, who knows.

    1. An ad in the paper cost $500 for me so it’s certainly worth the money if I can give it to the town in front of the paper or tv stations. Or I’ll just give it to them. It’s a great community

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