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Thursday’s Extreme Daily Drop and Auction Picks

I wanted to throw something out there before I get to the names.  Would anyone be interested if I did a daily newsletter?   It would be a combination of auction name picks I liked, links to a few of the stories from the day before from other sites around the net (business and domain related) and a few odds and ends.  I think I could do a pretty good job and be different than the newsletters you’re getting now.  It certainly would be more entertaining than sales oriented.  Throw me an email or comment if you think it’s a good or bad idea.  Now onto the names. It’s back again. Maybe this time it will sell See above HUGE name but I’m having trouble deciding what you’d sell on this name. Again, been up before and you get another chance If this were a dot com it would be worth tens of thousands so a dot net should be worth tens of hundreds. is about to add some new functionality to the service.  And it’s already a great service. I think it has a a lot of meaning.  Chumming with cut up fish to attract other fish or being chummy with a friend.  Either way only one person agrees with me that it’s a good name  (1 bidder) so it’ll be cheap.  1998 registration I thought this was a fantastic name for online cash.  Get it? Instead of Debit it’s Webit.  Maybe I’m just too creative for my own good.  No bidders so I’m alone in my thinking here. Not worth anything but this domain sounds like a fine place to visit.  I’m sure Acro could make a pretty exciting logo and I think I have an idea of what he would make the “O”s out of .  Great site once every two years. The rest of the year they could just post lottery results. For those of you that like NNNN.coms One more A two letter anything is worth money.  Well, almost anything love this one Note to self, this is not an after meal sweet treat.  This is where camels roam.

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  1. I like the !! Its at 480 before we go to auction. I think it would be be great for a radio station or tv station to brand as there own site. I happen to think would be better!

    And the news letter would be nice.

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