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Well, typos of one domain at least.

Last weekend I was listening to one of Tim Ferriss’ podcasts with guest Mike Rowe, of Dirty Jobs fame, and they had a pretty entertaining exchange on typos.

You can listen to the discussion at roughly the 2 hour 16 minute mark. (and you thought Domain Sherpa shows were long!)

Below is roughly the exchange near the end of their conversation….I’m doing some serious paraphrasing:

Tim: Go to, mis-spell it any way you like….preferably the correct way, because I don’t know what I’ve re-routed.

Mike: Is it the number 4, or all spelled out?

Tim: It’s all spelled out.

Mike: Is there a hyphen between 4 and hour?

Tim: There’s no hyphen. This is one of those things I thought would be really easy on the internet, and people are like, “oh, you mean for our, like f-o-r o-u-r work week”? And I’m like, no, no, no! Its f-o-u-r. Four hour work week dot com, all spelled out.

Mike: Is it week, like w-e-e-k, like the time? Or, w-e-a-k, like I’m just so exhausted, I’m just so weak? You could spell the title of this thing wrong really in every single word.

Ahh…that pesky radio test!

The domain is under privacy protection, so I can’t do a search for other related domains they own which might redirect to the main site. However, despite Tim implying that he had redirected a few domains to, I can’t find any that work, and below are a few that I checked out:

Unrelated to domains, if you haven’t listened to any of Tim Ferriss’ podcasts, they’re worth a shot when you have some downtime. Candidly, I don’t like how Tim often dominates the conversation, when he is the interviewer, but the wide range of topics expands my horizons, and the quality of his guests is incredible, including people like Marc Andreeson, Malcolm Gladwell, Jamie Foxx, Morgan Spurlock, Chris Sacca, Jocko Willink, Kevin Costner, Sebastian Junger, and many, many more.

four hour work week

Domain Spotlight:

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  1. Hilarious! Just goes to show how confusing it is for consumers being pitched a verbal advertisement with a domain that’s not short and easy to remember. That should be a lesson for all start-up businesses to stay away from domains like that.

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