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Today’s DDD: Daily Domain Drops

Ahh, nothing like the combination of upping the mileage for marathon training (now at 50 miles a week), springtime at the nursery, and two new online projects, to wear a person out.  There have been some GREAT plant domains dropping lately but not a ton of good names today.  Picked up GoldIris (d com)  a PR 5 for just over $100.  Had to be reauctioned, I stopped out at $300 last time, this time much better deal for me.  Now on to today’s names. I didn’t think this would really have any searches but it came up with 10,000 exact so somebody cares about rocket launchers.  Good buy at this level.  $0 Great search results and good valuation($2K plus) 682,000 exact searches don’t lie.  I’m 100% positive it will go for more than the estibot price of $15 PR 6 with 2200 yahoo backlinks Unfortunately you may have a problem from this guy with a HUGE mustache and fakes helping people during disasters

It’s easy to find a lot more good names using

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    1. Thanks Brian,

      First is Illinois Marathon here in Champaign in April, then River to River in late April, then Half Ironman in June, some long run in August (not planned yet), Chicago Marathon in Oct, Memphis Marathon in Dec. That’s pretty much my schedule for the last 4 years. Looks busy but it’s not bad. I get faster as the year goes and try to get down to 3:15 marathon by October. Running is healthy for the body AND the mind. I accomplish more before noon than most do in a day thanks to running

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