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Today’s Twitter Question and Answer Session on Domaining

Every once in a while I like to respond to tweets and questions on Twitter that are related to domaining.  To make it even more fun, take a shot of whiskey every time I type the word domain.  Here we go

@domainnames Twitter ID’s are the new domain names witter ID’s are the new domain name: Not even close.  In order for things to have value you have to be able to transfer them.  There are ways to be able to do it but it’s not very easy and if Twitter doesn’t like it they’ll pull the plug.

@domainnames @sedo Wondering you would like to partner up using this account to highlight legitimate domain sales. Let me know. I guess he’s going to try anyway

JillHannah @SoopSee What, I buy my domain name after 8 PM on Easter Sunday and it doesn’t immediately turn into gold? What’s going on here? You have to give it 48 hours AND THEN you’ll make your millions.   Patience, patience young domainer

@ elinNordegren 3dCamRoulette.Com domain name just pushed to auction @ sedo for only 70. Great just wanted I want to see.  A giant wanker coming out of the screen at me.  Some things just weren’t meant for 3d.  Wait….that’s not really Tiger’s wife IS it? How in the world would someone get a famous person’s Twitter account and not be the real person?

@vertigo25 My old domain name which was grabbed by a porno related squatter expired awhile back and clears on the 11th. Can’t wait to buy it back! I am anxious to find out what the name is that a porno name guy would squat on it.  I’m almost tempted to look at every domain that expires on the 11th to try and guess which one it is.

@SarahStewart Still trying to decide whether it is worth buying a domain, and if so, what I should get.    I say just get .  I think it’s still available.  If not I would go with

@Rebates_Coupons #Twitter #Coupon – .tel Domain Names #Coupon: Watch Your Medical Business Grow. Enter ******* Your Chance to Win $5..   The .tel coupons better say “Free .tel domain and $20 cash for wasting your time”

[email protected] how does one buy a domain name? you people know these kinds of things… help? She can figure out how to set up a Twitter account but doesn’t know how to use Google?  I think I’m going to ask her to send me money

@DomainPusher selling domain name It’s parked on Godaddy and it goes to the first $200. I am putiing it up for auction on April 7t.    Domain Pusher….RichoffDope…. at least the man has a niche

@Z_Names Domain Name: เคยสงสัยกันหรือไม่ครับ ว่าชื่อเว็บไซต์แต่ละชื่อที่เราพิมพ์เพื่อเข้าเว็บนั้นๆ มันเร. Because of IDNTools I know how to translate this and it means.  Cherry Ice Cream Cones are delicious.  Maybe I still don’t have the whole translation thing down yet.

@olegam Don’t you just love buying domain names? Just bought 3.   Money on the lot.  Gentlemen, looks like we have a new one in the business to sell our .ws and 6 letter “brandable” domains to.

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4 Replies to “Today’s Twitter Question and Answer Session on Domaining”

  1. Shane — regarding the comment to @domainnames about transferring a twitter account. GoDaddy had a “see if it’s available on twitter” link when searching for available domains but I don’t see it anymore.

    Are they able to secure transferable twitter accounts as an added value offering with registrations?


  2. At this time you can’t transfer a Twitter account. Against TOS. You COULD buy a company that has the account or reach a partnership of some kind.

  3. “I’m almost tempted to look at every domain that expires on the 11th to try and guess which one it is. ”

    LOL you should reverse whois the guy, research who he is, make friends with him and sneakishly find out the domain. Then when it drops, be the first to register it and go to his twitter and post

    “@vertigo25 your old domain name was grabbed (again) by (not you) a….domainer related squatter who hand registered it on the 11th. Can’t wait for you to buy it back!”

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