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After a Bad Day Yesterday. Here are Some Nice Names Dropping Today

A couple of you missed my Domain Forum Guide for Newbies on Easter so make sure to check it out.  Today has a ton of great names, as opposed to yesterday when there were hardly any.  Here are a few I thought were nice. We have entire neighborhoods here of concrete houses.  Big time name.  I’ll be bidding on this one as well. Why would I like this name.  It’s a great brand name, rememberable and easy to spell.  Certainly worth $70 A nice flippable, all premium letter See WinterCat 3000 searches and high valuation at $4000.  Good name here I pass through this up and coming town all the time. A good grab $26.56 CPC and 2000 searches ,  enough said

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  1. “rememberable”……..LOL. You mean memorable? Not to poke fun, but that is funny.

    I really like I don’t know why we don’t have more of them in the U.S. They are always nice and cool in the summer in Latin America where I visit a lot. Why do we spend so much on cooling when a concrete house feels great?

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