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Tuesday Morning’s Daily 7 Links

How Come We're Not Selling Any Tickets?

The daily links seem to be catching on.  I’ve gotten lots of good email feedback.  If you hate it or like it let me know.  Feel free to suggest a good story you’ve written as well. By the way, finally got Domain Shane up on Twitter.  I’ll be following all the domainers soon but if you’d like to make it easier, follow me and I’ll follow you back

Mark Madsen of the NBA is evidently a domain investor.  He bought on ebay.  The only problem was it was stolen.

Two and a half years and the site isn’t done.  A list of excuses from my website developer.  Very funny

If you look at minute 47:39 in the new Star Trek movie you’ll see this. Yes it is really there and NO I am not the geek that caught it

I’m going to have to say I’m not very impressed by Twitter’s new Headquarters

Is too generic?

If you haven’t figured out, I love funny, creative websites.  Here is a video for a funny one. (you tube video Probably SFW)

10 Useful Tools for Finding the Perfect Domain Name

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