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I Saved Money Designing My Blog By Staying In House……Really In House

libbyartMy 9 year old daughter thought my site and logo looked bad so I told her she was free to do better. She did,  so I changed it over the weekend.  I let her choose the theme and design the logo and draw a wonderful picture.  The results were exactly the personal touch I was looking for and I really like it.  Her picture doesn’t show my athletic build but it does give me a much fuller head of hair than I really have.  Both the picture and the logo were drawn on powerpoint, which since 5,  is her video game of choice.  She’s always drawing people, places, and things on it and just loves the animation and sound.  Her self portrait is my iPhone wallpaper and I have a picture of myself hanging in my office at work for all to see. The best part of the work is her pay rate.  A simple “That is Awesome!” from her Father seems to make it worth the hours she puts in.

I think it is so important to make a blog personal.  Obviously it has to be easy for the readers to navigate and somewhat visually appealing but it doesn’t have to be perfect.  People should care more about what you have to say than what you look like.  I realize mine was bad enough that it detracted from the experience and needed a change.  I’m going to continue to tweak it and add new code, plugins, and visuals to improve it.  My websites have a completely different look and are usually designed by people that have  passed 4th grade and don’t think iCarly is the best show on television.  I hope everyone likes it and if you don’t, YOU tell a 9 year old they are a terrible designer.

For those inquiring her services her going rate is $5 per picture for non family members.  See her wonderful example of her work called “Drunk Lady at Party” to the left

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