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Tuesday’s Best of the Domain Auctions and Dropping Domains

If Impulse Corp’s sales don’t get you excited, I don’t know what will.  The names he is selling are very attainable names.  Names we can buy daily.  It certainly gets one to thinking about the value of pricing domains at a fixed price.  Often a bidder has no idea what you are looking for and this way it’s pretty cut and dry.  I realize there are disadvantages as well but he certainly seems to be doing just fine with it.  Now onto the names. I will probably buy this name so don’t bid on it but deep down I really don’t want it or I would have never put it up here I’m sure none of you would want this.  I’m sure you all have enough domains with the word “domain” in it. The only reason people are bidding on this one is that its a PR5 but that’s a good enough reason. These things are very shippable so it makes a great product domain Too bad half of America can’t spell theatre People are suckers for these type of 4 letter dot coms.  By people I mean me. 1999 register Forget ad blockers those things pale in comparison to the value of this one.  Ghosts are a bitch to get rid of. I picture a site that people link to when something is said that has been said a hundred times. As a man that suffered a major one I would buy it but I figure I’d rather donate my money than my words Doesn’t have much value other than it’s an awesome website name Really?  I really don’t want to see a club that isn’t adult.

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  1. isn’t bad at all, but the rest I would probably pass on. Also thanks for the link first time I’ve seen that site.

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