$57,000 and 27 NNNN.coms Sold Over the Last Two Weeks

Another fantastic two weeks for 4 number dot coms since the holidays. Usually it takes a few weeks for domain sales to get rolling in the new year but not for NNNN.coms. I’ve been recording 4 number dot com sales since November 2010 and in that time we’ve had 87 sales reported with an average sale of $1836. No sales have under been reported under $500 which bodes well for those who purchased earlier in the year.  I look for all these numbers to move up as the year progresses.  Here is a list of sales

8882.com 9,261.00 12/27/10 4.cn
4921.com 622.00 12/27/10 4.cn
4431.com 1,154.00 12/27/10 4.cn
7245.com 865.00 12/28/10 4.cn
4378.com $1,549 12/29/10 4.cn
9241.com $744 12/30/10 4.cn
7065.com $911 12/30/10 4.cn
6758.com $1,947 1/4/11 4.cn
4352.com $653 1/4/11 4.cn
4763.com $577 1/5/11 4.cn
9204.com $510 1/6/11 Sedo
4010.com $5,000 1/6/11 Sedo
8472.com $774 1/6/11 4.cn
6260.com $566 1/8/11 Sedo
2743.com $510 1/10/11 Sedo
2177.com $2,650 1/10/11 Sedo
6969.com $1,200 1/11/11 Sedo
7394.com $562 1/11/11 4.cn
9742.com $550 1/12/11 Namejet
6714.com $530 1/12/11 Namejet
6514.com $530 1/12/11 Namejet
4372.com $714 1/12/11 4.cn
1199.com $13,000 1/13/11 Sedo
6272.com $1,351 1/13/11 Sedo
8220.com $1,050 1/14/11 Sedo
9001.com $2,900 1/15/11 Sedo
3669.com $5,600 1/15/11 Sedo
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6 Replies to “$57,000 and 27 NNNN.coms Sold Over the Last Two Weeks”

  1. With only 10,000 of these NNNN.com possible to have, I can only see the prices going up because numbers are so universal. Still millions of Chinese yet to come online, and they love number websites.

  2. Can some one explain to me why these domains have any value at all besides being rare? I have never seen a number only domain like these as a legit website EVER.

    1. Gino,

      You’re going to have to step out of your little box. There are thousands of websites in Asia on numbers. Asia is the largest market in the world. Just because you can’t read Chinese or Japanese doesn’t mean they don’t exist. That also explains their value. Numbers are a universal language.

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