Tuesday’s Better Than Average Dropping Domains

Jun 29 2010

Made more from one order on one of my websites yesterday than I’ve made for all of my PPC websites combined all month.  Got an order for 6000 plants at .32 cents a piece and I pay the grower .10 cents.  She processes the order and bills me.   No touches, only had to set up the website.  I’ll divulge which one soon but I only set up the site two weeks ago and it’s only 5 pages…….a strong 5 pages evidently.   Now onto the names

If you don’t see any names below that you like use DropDay.com to find better ones

DisposableClothing.com Sounds odd doesn’t it.  Marathon runners all buy disposable clothing for the start of races.  How much money is there in it?  Why don’t you find out?

EarlyMenopause.com The ironic part of this domain is that most likely not one of the 62 bidders at Namejet is a female.

Stroom.com It’s a six letter domain but I do like the look, sound, and spelling of this one.  Certainly worth $69

JHB.net Commodity 3 letter dot net

UsedWatches.net eCommerce store gold

HostHelper.com All these bids for a typo domain that gets 51 visits a day?  Then again if I forward it I could double my traffic

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