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Godaddy Goes Down Taking Sites and Email with Them

September 10th, 2012 UPDATE: Looks like it has happened again. Godaddy is down taking all their sites and their email with them. While we don’t know the cause (The Hackers Anonymous have claimed responsibility), there are literally million of people that have been affected. Godaddy and their brilliant marketing team have merely responded with “We’re working on it”. For a billion dollar company to let something like this go on all day is inexcusable and gives us all the more reason have an alternative source of email and off site backup.

Even the big boys have problems some days.  If you’re looking for your daily fill of Danica Patrick’s semi pretty face then don’t go to Godaddy this morning.  They’ve gone off line.   In addition to the main site, all sites hosted by Godaddy and email associated with their domains are also inaccessible to ATT/SBC internet users. Of course like all good husbands, initially  I blamed my email problems on something my wife did on the computer despite the fact she hadn’t been anywhere near it.  I soon realized early this morning that it was on Godaddy’s side since the only emails I had problems with were hosted by them.  It appears that this has been a problem for at least 3 hours as I first noticed at 4:30 am.   After speaking to a customer service rep I was told that only certain people were effected and of course, they were working on it. They said they would send me an email as soon as they got it fixed (just kidding but this is the type of response I usually get )

I did find that my iPhone had no problem receiving email and I can send email from my home and business computers (it may just go into space though) , you just can’t receive it from any computer using AT&T’s internet service.   The positive of this is I’m pretty sure I’m going to get a few .99 cent domains out of this mishap.

UPDATE:  Everything is back up but it put just a little doubt in everyone’s head

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20 Replies to “Godaddy Goes Down Taking Sites and Email with Them”

    1. Rockets by Melissa is a great name by the way. Sorry to hear about everyone’s sites being down, I’m just dealing with email but I’ve been there many times with MediaTemple

  1. Yep – Godaddy is down for sure and has taken my website and company email down with it!

    If you run a movie theater don’t run out of popcorn. If you host sites, don’t run out of hostingness! It really angers your customer base!

  2. GoDaddy still down at 9:25 (Eastern time)….seriously???? Resolve soon or I will have to upload to new web host site…that will NOT make me happy. I think they’ve been having email issues for a few days. A customer called asking why I hadn’t responded to her email…ummm…never received it. Nice job GO DADDY! Ugh…hosting/internet issues make me crazy.

  3. I’m in the UK. All my Go Daddy web sites and email addresses have been perfectly fine today. No problems at all for the last three or four hours.

  4. This is horrible…I tried from my home computer with a rerouted IP from HideMyAss and it worked perfectly.

    It’s almost as if ATT is blocking all godaddy IP addresses.

    Like most of you guys mentioned Godaddy put it on ATT. This is disappointing…And should be resolved ASAP.

    Maybe I’ll be moving over to Comcast because something is Fishy about this!

    Support Net Neutrality!

  5. the site isn’t even loading for me. I hope they fix this…would be a real hassle to switch all my sites to a different hosting service- but if it has to be done…

  6. Godaddy has been doing a really poor job lately on many fronts.

    –They’ve destroyed TDNAM with the new interface where you can’t even see most of the domains in your Watch list, hard to use, can’t see the traffic stats without clicking on every domain, everything now moves at a snail’s pace.

    –Graphics have been screwed up many times.

    –Executive account reps can’t be reached like they used to, and don’t return phone calls.

    –They have raised their initial bid by 33% to $15

    I do still like GoDaddy but they have really dropped the ball lately and it really shows. They need to hire a drill sergeant to order some folks around and straighten things out.

  7. wow, some of you are crying over a few hours of down time and want to move all your websites and emails to another host provider?

    Shit happens with EVERY host provider. Just live with it. Think about how many times your current host has went down this past year. Then compare to every other host provider. I am sure each of them out there have run into their own share of troubles. Just be glad the company you’re hosting with has a 24/7 team of professional admins standing by to fix the issue.

    Although I agree, I think they ought to hire a specialist to come in and revamp their CLUTTERED website.

  8. Good news is it is not Godaddy. The problem is with At&T and your wireless router. I had the same problem over the last few days with my secure email and website not accessible from my home, but it worked from work. I ran a tracert when I went through my wireless Linksys and couldn’t get past the 2nd router test. When I run it directly through my modem and exclude the router at home it worked fine and I can connect to every site.

    Run this test. connect directly into your DSL modem and not through your router and then try and get to your email and website. It worked fine for me. I’m going to get Linksys on a joint call with AT&T. I think it has something to do with the uverse routers not compatable with AT&T changes which are blocking godaddy ip addresses and Linksys.

  9. Still down – it isn’t a router, and I don’t use AT&T. We run our business through this stuff – I really can’t believe this is happening.

  10. Well everyone its not just AT&T supposedly Comcast is the problem now. Comcast users are supposed to be experiencing the same thing. Strange though I can access every other sites.

  11. I use CenturyTel. I’m in the St. Louis metro area in MO and mine is down. I too can access every other site.

  12. godaddy down again? .. having problems with my sites and others hosted there .. their site won’t even load up?

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