Tuesday’s Big List of Domains at Auction, Dropping, and For Sale Around the Net 2-21-12

Feb 21 2012

Good morning.  I’m happy to announce a new section has been added to the “Big List” each day.  Andrew Rosener of Media Options has been nice enough to give me three names each day that he has for sale.  The point of this list has always been to showcase domain names that are for sale on a given day.  Seeing that he also has a daily list I figured we might as well work together.  The names link to my contact so if you are interested in any of the names just drop me a line which will immediately forward to him.  Just make sure to put the domain first in the subject line.  Now here is the list with the new addition at the bottom.


MhhD.com  Hd brings all the boys to yard

TheShelter.com  There are some names that actually work better with the word “The” in front of them.  This is one of them.

Sarong.org  Hard to believe this has no bidders. There’s a billion person culture that still wears these.

ChicagoBuilder.com  Not too many people actually building anymore in Chicago but it will come around.

MobileDiary.com  This 1999 domain probably won’t garner much attention but I love the thought of reading someone else’s diary from the cloud

 HFlu.com  Remember when we were all worried about H1N1?

BabyQuilt.org  18,000 searches and no bids

 DomainsValue.com  I’d say this one is probably at $69 and with no bidders, this 9 year old domain is selling at value

20YearsYounger.com  The older people get the more they want to be this.

Xuca.com  Still a CVCV and a lot cheaper than a bobo type name.  Easily worth $100 or more

ElectricGuitars.info   If you are going to do an info site then this tld will very my work.  Great name at a cheap price


Media Options Domains Of the Day:

 PaternityTests.com  $25,000    A cheap paternity test cost $79.  An accredited paternity test costs between $400 and $2000.  It won’t take many tests to pay for this name.

BusinessModel.com and eBusinessModel.com   $20,000……  50,000 people searching for this every day.  I would think a business consultant would snap this up quickly.

4um.com  (stand for “Forum”)  –  $6,900   (lot of traffic on this one – used to be a HUGE site kind of like Blogger – there were tons of individual forums)

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