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At $2.95 a Year For Up to 10 Years You Won’t Find a Better Chance to Hand Register A Domain

I’m not shilling for Godaddy here but there is a $2.95 deal going on at Godaddy right now that is almost too good to pass up.  If you go to Google and type in “Domains” into the search bar, the first paid result will be a Godaddy $2.95 ad.  That link will enable you to register a new dot com for $2.95.

But it gets better.  You can have that price for up to 10 years.  Ten years will cost you just under $32 after fees, or what enom charges non resellers for 1 year.  You can essentially hold a name for 5 years for $15.  At that price you can take a few chances on names.




I went ahead and bought a name I was thinking about today.   I bought the dot com of the name above (not the wig one in the big photo) Cloud names are and will continue to get hot and out was trying to think of a good brand using the cloud name. Something that rhymed and was different yet easy to spell and say.  I came up withis what I came up with after a little brainstorming and it turned out that it wasn’t taken. I only have $15 tied up for 5 years and I am pretty sure I will be able to get my money back.  Heck, I think I could sell it for $50 tomorrow.

These types of deals don’t come around very often so I thought I would share in case you missed it.  If you register a domain I’d love to hear what name you bought and how long you bought it for.

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  1. Picked up on a drop for $2.95 a few days ago… and defensively regestered (plural versions) a couple others for the same price… I believe the Go Daddy limit allows for only 3 domains at that price…

  2. Getting in on the room by the hour concept hotels are starting to use. I got:

  3. Thanks for the code Shane, I didnt find a .com I like just yet, maybe tonight.

    However- your cloud name got me thinking, I did just scoop up for $7.99 🙂

    CouponCode “GETCO799”

    I like this name ALOT for future resale. I wont get rich or buy a Maserati with the name, but is it worth more than $7.99- absolutely.

  4. Thanks for the tip! I picked up 2: – I am seeing the same thing you are where more and more people are doing Duathlons, Triathlons, 5k-marathons, tough mudders, etc. Surprised this one was available. – New focus technology allows people to refocus a picture after the picture is taken so maybe this will be good for that or an app to support it 🙂

    Thanks again!

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