Tuesday’s Big List of Domains At Auction or Dropping 11/7/11

Nov 08 2011

An interesting article at Bloomberg caught my attention yesterday.  It looks like most major corporations aren’t going to apply for new .brand tlds.   I think it’s safe to say that almost all of the new applicants are going to be individual speculators rather than companies that make their money producing hard products

PalmReader.com Online palm reading?  That is sooooo money.

Campeones.com I have recently been informed that the entire planet doesn’t speak English.  This means champion in Spanish

Halts.com Not a great name but worth more than $69

InstantPornStar.com Not worth anything but pretty easy site to set up. Somebody has been holding on to the name since 2001

Nephi.com Town and character in the Book of Mormon

CloudPoker.com The hottest keyword right now combined with one of the hottest keywords from a few years ago.

MrProfit.com Bold but fantastic name

ReallyBadMusic.com I think it was the former website of NickelBack

Tootsy.com I think the proper spelling is Tootsie but you’ll save a few bucks this way.

Fudge.me Fudge carts are a hot new trend in stores.  Good buy at this price

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