Tuesday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around Town 4-23-12

Apr 24 2012

LetItFile.com Who would have thought this domain would go for this much

SVSM.com  The V takes away a little value but otherwise pretty strong LLLL.com

Xiandong.com   A city in China, also a popular name.  82 Bidders on this one and there seems to be more and more Asian bidders on Namejet lately.

NicotinePatch.com  I guess you gotta buy the patches somewhere. You can be the habit kicker king.

BigNoses.com  I represent this domain

Sex.net.co  I have never….ever….recommended a .net.co domain BUT…..its sex and sex sells

BridalHair.com   I sat and had drinks with two gay Vietnamese hair dressers that make a living doing bridal hair on Friday so I feel I am qualified to say that this is a solid domain.  The answer to the question “Why was I having drinks with two Vietnamese gay hair dressers?” is going to take another article.

Arec.com I thought it was a decent pronouceable LLLL.com but then realized its a AAA acronym.

SustainedGrowth.com 10 years old and great name for less than $20. Only one bidder

SiteValuations.com   A little hard to type out but good keywords if you are looking to do an Appraiso.com type site.

NewYorkCustodyLawyer.com  Not my kind of domain but high paying keywords and great for lead gen

While I was writing this list I stopped by DNFBlog to read an article of which there are a few I enjoy.  Most are newbieish but there are some good ones in there.  But I absolutely hate that old guy in the polo that comes up every time I go there.  Its very annoying and makes me not want to go back.  So I promise you this.  I will never have sound or an old guy pop up on my site.  I may have bad jokes, worthless info, and misspelled words, but I will never have an old guy pop up.  Now on to the names.

DRGH.com I know I put a lot of LLLL.coms on these list but they always seem to sell and for decent prices.   Two things I think people like.

PNY.net  New York always draws big money


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  1. Ms Domainer


    I have had LetItFile on my watch list all along (but not to bid); I’m just trying to figure out the allure of this domain.

    Can anyone explain?


  2. Mike H

    Checking google, letitbit.net is a popular file hosting site. Alexa rank of 280.

    Seems to be popular in Russia. letitfile.com has a history of Russian development, I’m sure that’s where the interest must be coming from.

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