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I’m Moving Up To A Level Two Domainer: 5 Domaining Goals Complete and Crossed Off

1. Make more than 67 cents a day in parking.

Goal accomplished:  There was a point in time I was putting more leftover change from my pockets in the change drawer on my dresser than I was getting from parking.  I didn’t have many names during the glory days of parking.  I caught the tail end of it and if I had anything of value I usually sold them off for spending money for new domains.  Most domainers make in literally two seconds what I was making a day.  I vowed to change that.  Not that I feel parking is a key to financial success in domain investing, but I wanted some easy money like these other guys are getting.  I now am up to $150 or so a month due to two things.  Much better quality names, more of them, and joining Internet Traffic.   It’s a very very small percentage of what I make domaining, and its chump change,  but sometimes its not about the money.  I’ve never actually seen that time though. It’s always about the money for me.

2. I Made Andrew Alleman smile .   I know what you’re thinking.  You’re f’n kidding me.  How?  Andrew is a stoic guy.  A nice guy but not very emotional.  Not quite Vicki of “Small Wonder”, but pretty calm.  He’s not going to remember it but at the last domain conference during the auction I said something that made him laugh.  Goal complete

3.   Create Liquidity For My Domains: Nobody wants to sit and wait for someone to come spend money with you.  You want to be able to sell your domains at any point.  I knew I wasn’t going to get top dollar if I needed to sell quickly but I wanted the opportunity.   The forums aren’t going to cut it. They have almost become worthless. Sedo’s push to auction has become much less relevant as well.  It took years of building relationships and many are private but I know feel I have as good of chance of selling a domain as anyone in the industry.   Other than the guys that have people cold calling for them, all my names are well marked as for sale and if I need to move them quicker, I can sell most of them within 30 days to drum up cash.  Before you ask how, I’ll say I work directly with the auction houses and brokers, have a pretty well read blog, and am with Internet Traffic.  Put it together and it is a nice little sales force.

4. Stop Buying Domains Just to Buy

Buying domains is an addiction.  I know it and realize it.  Making money can be as well.  In order to feed the second I needed to cure the first.  I haven’t bought a completely shitty domain in a few months.  Ok maybe a few but the numbers are way down.  Mike Mann does not believe in number 4 but he has a little more money than me so what do I know

5.  Half a million visits to my blog. 

My true goal is a million visitors and I expect that to be some time next year.  Approaching 50,000 a month right now and I don’t take it for granted.  I do work hard but at the same time I don’t have a ton of time to write so I appreciate that people enjoy what I’m doing here and continue to come back.  It’s not one of my biggest financial accomplishments but I consider it one of my finest.  Any time you are consistent it’s an accomplishment.  Goal Accomplished


Goals still on my list

Meet Frank Schilling’s hairdresser

Tour Greece with Acro

Run 5K with Chef Patrick

Drink Wine with Morgan

See a Knicks Game with Elliot

Sell a Domain for $250K

Visit BullS at the mental institution

Go see Robert Cline in Columbia




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  1. I can help you with number #1. Making more than .67 cents a day in parking. If you would like to chat email me.

  2. I probably can help you with number two, in exchange of some good advices…and a glass of wine…:-)

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