Tuesday’s Big List of Names at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 8-14-12

Aug 14 2012

There were some good articles in the domaining world yesterday. I particularly enjoyed Morgan’s domain flip story. I particularly liked it because I was in on the same dot me auction and picked up a few nammes that I thought were a good value. Good to see he’s done well with

HealthFairy.com Great brand. Easy logo. 12 years old and under (was under)$20

SpaceBanana.com OK maybe not a category killer but funny name that everyone will remember. Worth $20 or more just for being a great email domain

MrCar.com  I feel like Mr. Car should have a mustache. That’s all.  1996 Birthday

GWSI.com  16 year old LLLL.com

Coben.com  A few famous (and not so famous) people with this last name

YouDidWhat.com Could be a fun site name.  NO bidders

Pinno.com  Just a nice sounding 5L.com

Paioji.com  Have no idea why this is already $1000.  Looks like a misspelling. I have a lot to learn about Chinese names

Haoba.com   Chinese city

Nimp.com  4L or funny sounding short name

Front.me Great name for crowd source funding


QEEM.com LLLL.com that is nice clean looking. Won’t pass the radio test but that’s why its relatively cheap

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  1. DCPP

    This is probably a stupid question, but 95% of the time I follow the links to the godaddy pages, the domain is no longer listed. Are they getting snapped up as fast as you post them or something?

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