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Tuesday’s Daily Domain Auction and Drop Picks

For years I’ve been looking for dropping domains and solid names at auction and all along I’ve missed one of the best names that been sitting there, waiting to be registered.  Yesterday I saw a show mention outdoor stipper poles and low and behold, the domain is still available.  I would have registered it myself but I figured I would give one of you readers a chance at the big time.  And to think, you can probably sell them as Festivus poles in the winter as well. Drop ship business, here we come.  And now onto the daily list. 136 bids show the interest in the name.  These video game things look like they’re here to stay. I got through over a million of these at our nursery so I can guarantee you sales in the millions Another one that is going to go for a good amount. I’ve been moving away from dot infos unless they have a ton of searches or something else special.  Analytic goes well with info.  I think this is a great deal under $100.  Perfect stat related site. I once put together a collection of my favorite 404 file not found result pages. I should have used this domain.  Not sure how you would monetize it.  More of a fun domain.  2000 registration Going to be a little hard to drop ship this one but I’m pretty sure the endusers will have a ton of cash If you like aged domains you’ll like this 1994 domain.  Under $100 You’ve heard me mention of the great prices and liquidity in three character dot coms.  This is a nice one and will be a very liquid domain I’ve thought about these since I was a kid.  I always dreamed of watching tv on my wrist.  The technology is there to pull it off now but not in 2001 when this was registered.

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  1. Shane,

    Good idea for the outdoor stripper pole … but here’s one that could be just as good that is also available to register (another gift for one of your readers … but it’s a .net, but with 1,300 exact):

    Also, is a nice product name, but with much lower numbers: only 480 exact

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