Tuesday’s Daily Domain Auctions and Drop Picks

Mar 15 2011

Hell of day yesterday.  You know those days, when everything goes wrong all at once.  I had green house heaters break, great employees get job offers for twice what I’m paying them (and I’m paying pretty well), computers crash with the backup hard drive tagging along.  An overall rough day. Gotta love owning a business.  Everyone else gets to go home while I sit around planning trying to make sure they don’t happen again.  But I love it, if it were easy, everyone would be doing it.  Speaking of easy.  Here are a couple of domains (sorry for the short list)  that are easy money if you get them right. Ok maybe not easy money but you should do OK with them.

Incompetent.com Fantastic name.  If only I could get this one in dot gov

TimeBlaster.com I have to admit I didn’t see why all the interest in this name but after further research I still don’t really see it.  35 bidders

ChoiceMeat.com Prime Meat is officially a higher quality cut but this sounds better to me.  With no bidders I think this is worth $69

Vaca.net Speaking of cows. This is cow in Spanish and only person seems to think that it has any value

PornFilm.net 12 bidders.  Not sure what you’d do with this name. Oh wait, yeah I do

LVA.org A couple hundred dollars should take this one but then again 45 bidders might drive this one up.  I’m guessing a lot of watchers here

XPads.com There’s probably a little trademark problem with the “pad” in the name but for $12 I think it’s worth the risk. I think tablet and pads have become generic terms but don’t take my legal advice.  I’m a plant grower/professional domain investor,  not a lawyer

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