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Tuesday’s Daily Domain Drop and Auction Picks 9/13

It’s funny how domain investing works.  I get no sales in the month of August, leave for four days and take a break from domaining and Bam!.  I get back to two great offers and another I send to auction.  Three sales.   Made for a heck of weekend.  Now let’s take a look at some domains that could get you a sale down the road. These type of domains go for big bucks and I don’t see why this one won’t either.   International sounding and easy on the eyes. 1998 Birthday Sounds techy with all those “P” s a “S”s I thought this one is cheap at $300.  I feel like I already have heard of this site even though it’s never been made. Same as above.  Sounds like it’s been around forever I think it’s a great name for $69.  No bidders and 1998 Birthday.  Memorable Fabio’s sister.  Another 5 letter dot com that’s going to go for thousands. It is also a car from the legendary car company of Škoda Short and pronounceable.  Already over a grand though. I’m sure Rush would love for you to have it. Just don’t get Casey Anthony to be your spokesperson. I already said I thought it would hit $1000.  I don’t think it’s worth it but people love dictionary words. The legendary Odocoileus hemionus.  One of the larger deers.  A bargain at its current price

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Chris’ Picks Ever used WiFi on a plane in the sky? Long one but sometimes I like these types of names…high tech and an industry that will only grow.

Tuck’s Picks – a 1995 name, only 11 bidders, and since was taken, this is the next best thing. – for all you French speaking folk, this is your agent of power.  We flip the ‘r’ and ‘e’ in English, and we often misspell anyway, but this one-word domain could easily attract visitors of many nationalities. – 1997 name that’s getting some attention over at GD.  This former forum for bike enthusiasts apparently had some serious traffic, still has a PR of 4. – great forum or blog site name.  I have a new baby nephew, and my sister-in-law has been amped on getting only quality products for baby.  She’s got the time to write, and there are likely many mothers that could add.  Like it.

Domain Spotlight: