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Tuesday’s Daily Domain Drop and Auction Picks: EPO Edition

People email me all the time asking what I look for when picking names in the drop lists.  The truth is I’ve been using blood transfusions, EPO, and growth hormone to make the very best picks I can. It gives me the extra strength and conditioning I need to be able to stay up and go through the lists.  I figured it was time I come clean before Elliot testifies against me.   Now onto the names. I hate to start an argument this early but technically not a CVCV but most treat this as such.  I like it either way You might ask why I don’t want this one.  I like plant names and this one is harder for me to monetize because it’s too generic.  Still a nice names though Pretty good name for $70 if you are starting a domain sales company 70 bidders.  Chinese word I’m noticing many more asian domains coming across Namejet.  Time to do some more homework I really don’t know what this means but there are 24 bids so it must be a solid name.  I’m so immature I see “wang” in the name and giggle. 24 people like it so I’m just going to join in. This is an organization’s meetings I’d like to attend Private seller on Namejet wants $99 for this.  I think that sounds fair.  Then again, I’m hungry Jeggings is the one you want but for no reserve this would be a nice buy

Yeah, I know.  Pretty bad names for a guy taking EPO.  I just started so hopefully they’ll get better tomorrow.

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  1. With all those plants in the backyard I thought you’d go for the natural approach oh well 😉 How does one become a private seller on Namejet these days? it looks like a closed shop.

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