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I don’t do a lot of hang regs but like all domain investors I go through my daily routine and as I come across something interesting I instantly check and see if it’s been registered.  This week I found what I think is a pretty good name.

I was in Sam’s Club the other day and sitting in the fruit section was a fruit I hadn’t seen before. Apriums.  Every Tuesday I hit Sams to pick up a case of my favorite fruit, pluots. It’s 75% plum and 25% apricot.  I like it better than a plum because it’s a little more tangy and much firmer than a normal plum.  Between that and bananas,  I eat enough fruit to feed a family of 5. Evidently an Aprium is the opposite mix.  Seventy five percent Apricot and 25% plum.

Like all “designer” fruit they sell it in a clam shell package and have them all in neat little rows. They ran $5.50 for 21 apriums but I was pretty sure I could eat at least 2 in a sitting so I little expensive for a fruit but not outrageous.  And the taste?  OK.  I think they weren’t quite ripe when I bought them.  I must say that every day they ripen they get a little better and until I get a fully ripen one I can’t really tell if they are going to be in my weekly fruit list.

So why did I register  Because I’m a domainer.  If I see an items in the store that’s new, not trademarked, and sold with fancy packaging, the first thing I’m doing is trying to register the domain. was taken but apriums was not.  $7.67 later I own the domain.  Like most of the domains I hand reg I have plans to do something with it but most likely won’t.  Perhaps in the future I’ll use it to sell aprium trees.  If you’ve ever had these chime in on how they taste.

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  1. Your also a squatter “Aprium” is a registered trademark of Zaiger’s Genetics.

  2. The same thing just happened to me yesterday when I saw a photo of a set for MIB 3 featuring a fake store front named Always Going Out OF Business.
    I checked to see and lo and behold the producers hadn’t grabbed the domain so I hand registered
    Once the movie is released, not to mention the trailer if the shot is in it, I expect to see some good traffic and who knows, maybe I’ll use it for myself too.

  3. I came across an important breaking news headline recently about Hair Clone. The world scientists have just discovered new stem cell implant method to regenerate hair growth through hair clone method.

    The scientists have successfully tested hair clone method with mice with positive result in full blown natural hair growth.

    Hair clone is a process to clone 1 hair which result in multiple natural hair growth effects, as opposed to every single hair transplant.

    The scientists predicted that 2-4 years from now, hair clone will be a booming business for medical hair multiplication and cloning service catered for hair loss / bald head people. There are millions of people in the world with hair loss.
    So our Prince William will not be worry about hair loss in future.

    I quickly check with GoDaddy. Unfortunately, if I still remembered, hairclone(s).com, , etc are all taken.

    But, with my innovative idea, I manage to hand registered and I think the name is pretty good, just like hairdresser(s).com

    I am happy with it, and will keep and develop the site in future…

  4. HairCloner(s) sounds good, if that’s the future, but I just heard that the genome industry has figured out that bald people still have everything in their bodies to produce hair and that the problem is (drumroll please) in the DNA and that by determining that something has been “switched off” it shouldn’t take too long for science to figure out how to switch the gene back on. is ready for hand registering!!

  5. @Ryan “your” also a terrible speller.

    If the company trademarked it I’m surprised they didn’t register the plural.

    I say just hold it and don’t even bother parking it. The company owning the trademarked term or someone else may decide to buy it.

  6. @ Anthony

    You obviously know nothing about law or ethics, If you TM Chevy, and register Chevys for production of cars, or a sub product, you are going to get sued plain and simple, what you are telling Shane to do is SQUAT on TM term, and hope the buyer buys it? Is that how you run your domain business, pretty lame.

  7. “Aprium” is a registered trademark under genetic fruit product classification.

    But, let say, if you use Apriums name as an ” art gallery” or “travel agency” business other than fruits, you won’t get sue, because there are different classification in trademarks and not in competition with aprium fruits.

    The downside is, you won’t be able to sell, advertise or monetised anything related to aprium fruits, and hardly to sell the domain name.

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