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Tuesday’s Daily Domain Drops and Auctions

Good morning, some decent names for you and one word of wisdom.  Watch out when bidding on your names,especially on Snapnames.  With parking and especially typos on parking failing to generate income, more and more names are coming up that are misspelled and some are very difficult to see, subbing “L” and “I” or using phonetic spelling that looks right but isn’t.  Take your time, double check, and if it seems too cheap there is probably a reason.  There are certainly hidden treasures, but with all of the people searching for these names I can pretty much assure you that somebody else is seeing what you see,  and if it goes unbackordered then it probably wasn’t that good of a name. For $69 you may be able to pick up a name that everyone sees as oxygen tank. 1997 domain so it also comes with age Everyone will be able to spell it and remember it and that alone has value.  What you’d use it for?  Not sure but pretty broad name.  I think you can get this fairly cheap I do want to type an .org at the end.  That site is parked so no competition there.  63 bidders so it won’t be cheap For all you 3 letter dot net collectors 110,000 searches.  I’ll pay $69 for that You think of breakfast and I think of a past neighbor named Josh Brown that sold a ton of weed and everyone called him HashBrown.  I wish I could buy him this name for Christmas I can give you eight reasons why I like this name I thought for sure there would be more searches than this.  Type it into google and there are a ton of ads and exact matches. 1997 domain Only pointing it out because it’s a PR6 from 2000 Probably worth $300 opening bid 1000 monthly searches and I know I’ve been searching for new hair for 10 years

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  1. @Joey, that comment & the evoked chuckle would have earned you a follow on twitter had I been able to find you 🙂

    I like, especially for the sub domain potential…

    You can go on forever with it…

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