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A Nice Infographic on The History of Domains

This has made it’s rounds on the Internet and may be old to some but I thought it was a nicely laid out presentation of the history of domains. It doesn’t include 2010 so it’s quickly become out of date but still great to get an overall look at history all in one page.

Originally Posted by Andy Crofford on December 12, 2010 on Testking

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4 Replies to “A Nice Infographic on The History of Domains”

  1. Awesome Infographic, props to whoever did it! Really Amazing stuff, must have taken allot of work.

    Would be interesting to see how many CCTLDs are registered per country, IE how many registrations vs .cn registrations on a worldwide map aswell.


  2. I wonder what ROI those domain buyers got on their multimillion pound investments? I’ve hardly heard of any of those sites since…

  3. Shane. Thanks for sharing! Its nice to see a quick view of internet history. Cheers, Mars

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