Tuesday’s Daily Domain Drops and Auctions

May 17 2011

I want to apologize for not getting back to everyone’s emails. I really appreciate the fact that many of you seek my opinion or alert me to solid names coming up for auction.  May is a super busy time at the nursery and between that, writing this blog, and training for Ironman, I’m frickin exhausted.  I tuck my daughter into bed and usually fall asleep before she does.  I’m not sure who’s tucking in who.  Anyway, I’ll try to get back to all the emails in a relatively timely manner. In the mean time here’s today’s list

MacInfo.com A little trademark problem here but like AppleInsider, if you do a good job reporting they will leave you alone.

Edopt.com An Internet adoption.  Perfect for so many things.  I think this could sell for thousands to the right person, if nobody bids on it I’ll take it.

Evel.com All I can think about is Evel Knievel and my favorite wind up motocycle toy.  Man I thought he was cool when I was 6

JobsInFlorida.com I’m not a huge fan of Florida but I guess the weather is better than Illinois

RichBook.com Facebook for the wealthy

Ruve.com Pretty name and a CVCV.com

Camaro.net Really would think Chevy would want this.  They may get it after you buy it

ZRE.org A little more difficult letters than some but at least the Z wasn’t at the end

OZT.org See above

UnbelievableFares.com I really like this name. I think people can easily remember it and half of the people on the Internet can probably spell unbelievable

CarsVans.com Huge keywords for $79

If you like .mx domains then there’s auction ending at Boxcar that has a ton of them.  Yo no me gusto pero es possible tu tienes un otro opinion.  That’s as far as I could get with high school Spanish.


If you’d like to be featured in this list please feel free to email me.  Two advertising spots opened up as well if you’re interested.  Have a nice day

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