412.com Sells for $13,050 And A Few Other Good Buys

NameJet had a few nice names ending their auction today with the top name being a NNN.com, 412.com. It went for what I think is a low $13,050 but most likely was held back because of it’s 4 at the beginning. As I’ve stated in the past, Asian buyers are not fond of numerics with the number 4 in them. Especially when they start or end with one. Take the 4 out and add another letter and it at least doubles in price.

Another good sale was no2.com My favorite saying is no2 is the start of the losers. I doubt the name was bought to set up a site based on my philosophy. No2.com sold for $5,100. Another one of my favorites, appreciated.com went for a very reasonable $1799. I was a little upset I forgot to put in my bid on this one. I thought I had and actually thought it was mine when I realized I had never put in my bid. I think it was a great buy. Here is a list all the names that I was bidding on that ended today that I thought were good purchases.

appreciated.com Lost Private Pre-Release $1,799 $70 5/16/2011
412.com Lost Private Pre-Release $13,050 $69 5/16/2011
no2.com Lost Private Pre-Release $5,100 $69 5/16/2011
pvc.net Lost Private Pre-Release $5,000 $69 5/16/2011
eqn.com Lost Private Pre-Release $4,950 $69 5/16/2011
xfd.com Lost Private Pre-Release $5,000 $69 5/16/2011

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  1. Another great list – I think PVC was the deal in this lot, but only because I think some plumbing company can monetize it pretty easily.

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