Tuesday’s Daily Domain Drops and Auctions

Today is a great day for drops and auctions.  Godaddy actually has a few strong names and a non dot com, net tld shows up for the first time in a while.   I don’t buy anything but com,net,org and never buy anything but a dot com if I’m trying to flip but if it’s a really really strong info I would buy it for development.  Bike.info is one of those type of names

Telemac.com 1992 domain.  A little nervous about the Mac part of it but still like the name

PLBA.com Ahhhh, the domain I’ve been waiting for forever. Of course I’m president of the Professional Lawn Bowling Association

SessionWare.com PR5, DMOZ listed, 1994 domain.  You’re buying history here

Krus.com 50 bidders.  A nice 4L

DepthChart.com Perfect fantasy football site.  Actually perfect for any sports site

Does.net $25K valuate    Not sure what you’d sell but doesn’t really matter

WordFlipper.com Much cheaper than domainflipper.com

iWebsites.com Website development companies would certainly pay for this one

Bikes.info and Bicycles.info    The best dot info so far this month.  I’ll be in this one

Domain of the Day: