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Tuesday’s Daily Domain Drops and Auctions

Note to self.  The next time I bid on 1000 domains at Namejet make sure to turn off the email notification of each domain I’m in an auction for.  Yesterday my email caught on fire due to the overwhelming email notifications of the three letter dot net auctions I had entered. I didn’t really enter 1000 but it was a hell of a lot. When it comes to number domains I also like to look at where they are on the number keypad and this one is very easy to type.  A little thing I know but they really do go for higher prices This one will go for less because the Chinese don’t like the number 4.  We’ll find out how much less There are more besides these but this is number 3 of my top three I do like the keywords that snapnames has for this one.  Great CPC.  Wait a second…..women are allowed to drive?  Just kidding , my Mom’s a woman and she’s a pretty good driver plus women even get cheaper rates because they are more cautious. Another nice below the average selling price of $4K.  (I just kind of made up that number but I figure if I say it with enough confidence you’ll believe me).  But honestly if it goes below 4,000 you will have gotten a great deal. A great sounding domain name.  Even though this is a new name and doesn’t have many searches this is the kind of name that you build a company around.  It’s like a Jay-Z song, to the point and rhymes. I’m not going to say you’ll make any money with this one but you’ll get to hear some good music while you make the site. Why spend all the money on tablets when you can spend $79 and get BOTH tablet and slate. Make an offer of $100 and I’ll push it to auction.  Pusher get’s 10% of final sale price

And a my new daily section called “The Worst Domain Pickup of the Day

This one is not safe for work or the stomach but please o please don’t tell me how you’re going to monetize it.

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