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Best Godaddy Code in the Last Few Weeks. $1.18 Domain

Godaddy has a code out right now that is a fantastic deal.  It has a few catches but it’s an easy catch to get around. The catch is that they automatically sign you up for Website tonight and if you’re not paying attention you’ll be signed up for a free trial and we all learned from Columbia House as kids how the free trial thing works.  You forget to unsign and boom…..monthly charges.  Simply unclick the website tonight button (of course feel free to trial it, it’s not a bad idea for temporary sites) and then proceed. The other catch is that you can only use credit card or account balance to pay for it.  If you’re like me you’ll look back and wonder why your credit card has a charge for $1.18 on it. It’s only good for one domain so make it a good one.  Feel free to post a comment with the domain you purchased with the code.  I bought  I know it’s a long name but I use domain like this to develop a small website to hit the top of google for our business.  It seems to work pretty well.

And finally the code is




Domain Spotlight:

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  1. Hi Shane, thanks for the code.

    I think Im going to go withhhh……. hmm……

    Or maybe
    no,no,no, those wont work….
    Seriously, I just tried checking out and realized I missed it anyway, this is a post from yesterday, DAMN!

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