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Tuesday’s Daily Domains Dropping

Another short list today.  Man there is a lot of junk dropping lately.  As I’ve said before, I don’t know if this is a good sign because the market is getting stronger and less names are dropping, raising prices of those that do. Or a bad sign in that we may have to work a little harder to get names.  If you have a name that I’ve missed and want to share, please do. and 6500 searches and a $2.43 CPC.   Very nice product domains Receives over 100K uniques a month (if you believe Godaddy)  already at $1500.  A deal if it really gets this much traffic If you believe keywords in the name is important than you will love this one.  Valuate at $22,000.  Godaddy bit at $10

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2 Replies to “Tuesday’s Daily Domains Dropping”

  1. Hi Shane,

    I think the lack of good dropping names is a bit of both. .com prices will go up as there are less available good .coms to register. This is already happening. The less good .coms available for registration, the more people hold on to their names, and re-register, and therefore less good drops are available.

    Stands to reason. It’s like a community that built really good houses with really good materials and then they ran out of materials and couldn’t get anymore. The great houses they built are going to be worth a lot because there aren’t any more materials to build the same type of houses. This is how i see .com. People will hold onto their excellent .com’s until someone wants to buy their “house” for the right price.

  2. The interest in domaining seems to be growing ever so slightly again. I’m seeing newcomers and new local businesses that are finally “getting-it”.

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