Recent 5 Letter Dot Com Sales

Aug 03 2010

Here are some recent sales of 5L dot coms.  Slower than the last few weeks but still strong and steady.  I’ve included some lower value names just to give an idea what some of the names sold in the $300-500 range look like $2400 NameJet $400 NameJet  $300 NameJet $2580 Sedo $2000 Sedo  $3000 Sedo $5000 Sedo $25,000 Sedo $13,544  NameJet $3586 NameJet $4500 Snapnames $2550 Snapnames (not sure if they wanted the extra “o” here or not)

If you’re looking for a good name, just went up for auction at Sedo (it’s mine) .  I received a $100 bid (paid more than this for it)  I figured I would see what would happen.  All domainers like a little “action”

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