Tuesday’s Daily Domains Dropping

The camroulette conversations were all over the net yesterday.  From Michael Berkens saying the kids was as good as fuc##ed to Acro taking the other side (his new nickname is “Scoop”).    I only have this to say.    This is going to be the biggest lesson in this kid’s life.  He made a big mistake, will pay for it, but it won’t ruin his life.  My guess his biggest cost will be his health after the countless sleepless nights worrying about it.  Boy, I hate and love lawyers.  Now onto the names

DnWk.com Domaining Weekly.    Here’s your new url for your blog

FruitDehydrator.com Not a lot of action on this one but certainly a good development name.  The plural is also up for sale and will go even cheaper

HydroponicProducts.com A pretty good name.  It’s in my niche but I don’t do hydroponics and don’t sell any so I’ll pass.  It’s still a good name

250.cc I’m not a cc guy but if I was,  I would like this.  Could be a fake boobs site. Of course 250 cc is a very small set of new boobs so you may not have a ton of readers.  And why do I know this?

MortageWarehouse.com Already 14 bidders. DMOZ listed.   A great name.  Certainly worth a few thousand

PokerZombie.com A very brandable poker name.  Poker is hot, zombies are hotter.    I wouldn’t forget this type of name.

NewWomen.net Lot’s of men looking for new women (not me, my wife’s hot) .   Valuate $2800.

ThePickle.net When I look for names, I look for name people can remember.   I think the dot net works here.

Domain of the Day: