Monday’s Memorial Day Domains Dropping

May 31 2010

Sold another 5L for $2K.  It had been a very dry spell but I haven’t done a very good job trying to make money domaining lately.  When I am trying to do a million dollars in sales these last two months at the garden center, making a few thousand in domaining becomes less important.  Not saying I don’t like and want $2K,  but I’m not going to step on a dollar to pick up a dime.  Now onto the names. Skycabs are those guys in the front of the airport that are waiting there when you get out of your limo. I’m always afraid to give them my luggage because they never seem real concerned about my luggage making it to my final destination. They also don’t look like they are very good with computers. “Where you headed?” “Kona Hawaii please” some little ticket comes out and one little error on the keyboard and my bags end up is Laos.  But it would make a good travel domain. A 1993 domain. That alone makes this a strong name This would be great to sell ……..well….impact wrenches Valuate doesn’t give much value to this one but I like it.  A lot of new “mini” cars have been coming out.  Some may think of the Mini Cooper as well If you have a basement then you know that everyone who has one wants to have it finished. Nice Name I don’t like dot org as much for selling but this one will do very well I am starting to buy more dash domains.  I’m becoming very European in my old age

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